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Not all eyeglasses are created equal.  Neither are the optical  specialists who create them.  Our staffs are experts in eyewear and  optical dispensing.  With over fifty years of combined experience, they  have developed a well-earned reputation for offering finest quality  frames, advanced lens designs and especially, for outstanding service.   Here, you’ll find stylish European and Japanese frame designs from  Lafont, Pro Design, Silhouette, and Carerra that give you the look you  want and the comfort you expect.  We’ll help you select the lenses that  are right for you from the world’s leading manufacturers like Zeiss,  Hoya and Essilor.  We work as a team with your eye doctor to translate  what’s learned in the exam room into practical optical solutions to your  vision needs.  Dramatic innovations in lens design and materials are  now available that can actually improve the quality of your life by  giving clearer, more comfortable vision in the distance, for reading and  for computer work.  

In addition, East Bay Eyewear offers a wide selection of specialty  eyewear to help you maintain the health of your eyes.  UV-protecting and  polarized sunglasses, shatter-resistant sports goggles, golf, tennis  and fishing glasses, and safety glasses for work projects around the  house or on the job—these are all examples of specialized eyewear to  enhance your own particular interests and activities.  For clients with  severe dry eye syndrome, double vision, intractable glare and other  challenging optical problems, we have the expertise to help overcome  them with optical solutions. 

Among our clients, our reputation is built on lifetime  service. Complimentary adjustment and lens cleaning is always available.   We’re committed to keeping our customers happy and offer the best  guarantee in the business.  If there’s a problem with your new glasses,  we’ll replace the lenses free of charge for 30 days.  If you’ve made a  mistake selecting your frames, we’ll exchange them within 30 days of  your initial purchase and help you choose frames that suit you.   Experience the highest level of quality and service.  Guaranteed. 


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East Bay Eye Wear Doctor's Optical Services

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The MacArthur BART station, on Telegraph Avenue,  is about 17 minutes walk north of our office.  A free medical  area  shuttle service, operated by Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, offers a  complimentary ride from MacArthur BART station to 3100 Telegraph Ave  every 20 minutes.  Our office is just across the street from the shuttle  stop.  Please click here for shuttle information.